College / University / Scholarship Sheets


Does your son or daughter struggle with applying to various Colleges / Universities  and Scholarships? It can be extrememly overwelming. Encourage your high school student, or college student to write down each scholarship, each university and ease their anxiety. 


Created by a Single Mother to a child with ADHD. Angela Stephens, CEO of RE-Focus The Creative Office would create this worksheet schedule to make it easier on her teenage son when he was applying to colleges.


Ideas for this product include the following: as a Parent, you can set these durable worksheets in front of their tv, their video games, their car, their music stand, or whereever they choose to spend their time out of school.


As this is their journey, it is important for parents to encourage them, but to allow their teenagers to research scholarships and universities. This set includes 6 durable sheets, with one side in purple, and one side in orange, making this dual sided sheet attractive to the student. It is durable enough if they lose it, or tear it by accident, there are extra for you to work with them.


In Angela's case, she found that parents would write in pen, students would write in pencil. Making this material and style user friendly for both parents, teens, and educators. This product does not exist and hopefully this will open up a dialogue with your teen to discuss their future.

College / University / Scholarship Sheets

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