2021-2022 Academic Calendar

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Numbers that POP with Color!!


Weekly Breakdown of your week


TO DO LIST between each month!


Sturdy covers that slide into your bag. You can't break them, tear them, and the paper is strong heavyweight paper.


Available in Purple, Pink, and Black!


RE-Focus, The Creative Office offers a unique Academic Calendar to help you organize your daily life from July 2020 to June 2021.  Available in purple, pink, and black. It not only provides a monthly view but also a 7-day weekly planning area which includes a To-Do List and Appointment List section for each week.  Appealing, bright, and bold numbers for each day of the calendar week allow for easy, at-a-glance viewing of your daily schedule and weekly agenda. The Academic Calendars are made from high-quality, premium paper and enclosed in a sturdy cover with a modern design that resists bending, tearing, or scratching and slides into your backpack and laptop bag easily.

2021-2022 Academic Calendar

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