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Applying to Colleges, Universities, & Scholarships is overwhelming....for students & parents!

NOW WE HAVE AN ANSWER! Introducing our new College/University Scholarship Timeline Package! Inside is 6 sturdy sheets, one side with College/University Timelines in one color. The other side is for Scholarships in a different color. Our research has shown Parents write in pen, students write in pencil. It's not the parents job to find the scholarships, but if we can help our students, and young adults with the tools to help them, we all win!

The product was created by Angela Stephens when she was helping her son apply to Colleges & Scholarships... "The process seemed overwhelming to my son, therefore I started looking at Scholarships. The more I found, the more clicks took me to the requirements that did not apply to my son. After going back and forth, I found it was overwhelming to me as a Parent. It is my hope that you find this product useful for your young adults as they begin their adventure." We made this simple. Affordable. Practical, and easy to use.

"Parents, I put this in my teenagers car, in front of their video games, in front of their tv, on top of their bed. I even entered a few starting places to help out....Guess what? It worked!! My son is now in his 2nd year of College, he is a Co-Founder of this company, and felt this helped him out so much as he was entering that phase of his journey!

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