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The story behind


All of our products are created

"through the eyes of a child with ADHD..." 

we create products that help you FOCUS & RE-FOCUS. 

A Woman Owned Co. cert via WBENC, WOSB, & Disability: IN DOBE

"That child is my child... he was diagnosed in the 5th grade with ADHD....

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 45"

When traditional methods were not working for her son in school and in life,

Angela Stephens started thinking differently...

She started "looking through his eyes" to find out she could help her son. She started creating products that did not exist. He went from a D to an A Student and now is an Adult thriving in life. 

At 45,  Angela Stephens thought she was getting early onset dementia... later finding

out that she too had struggled her entire life with focusing but found a way to focus on her own. 

Today, she owns 3 businesses, and is the Podcast Host to 2 Podcasts:


FOCUS Podcast:

 Career Podcast:

She also offers career coaching as well:

"My passion is truly helping others, finding ways to help them focus and create an amazing life. I never thought the journey of raising my son would help others. However, I wouldn't trade one minute of our journey. He is brilliant in so many ways. Our mission is clear:

"Once a person is focused, organized, and finds their calm 

they can be BRILLIANT"

Angela Stephens, CEO

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